Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms

Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms

  1. Concerned by things they have read and heard about slaughterhouses and factory farms, Frank, Hector, and Maria are and are thinking about launching an undercover investigation of a local slaughterhouse by getting jobs there or maybe even in a factory farm.  They want to collect firsthand information about what goes on.  However, they are having difficulty deciding whether this is morally acceptable.  Frank is a Kantian,      Hector is a utilitarian, and Maria has adopted the idea of rights based on equal consideration that DeGrazia argues for.


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Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms
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· If each of these individuals stays true to their ethical theory, what should each of them conclude and why?  Be specific.

· What ethical view is best for approaching these issues?  Why?  (Note that it need not be one of the three mentioned here.)

· How might someone reasonably disagree (regarding what view is best) and what is your response?

To answer this well, you will need to reflect carefully on a number of things: how the theories operate, the data available for the situations involved, strengths and weaknesses of the given theories, as well as whether other theories might be more appropriate.

In applying the theories, be sure to explain the reasoning carefully (think about how they were applied in the recordings and in our discussions).

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