Situation Analysis and SWOT Analysis

Marketing Plan Guide:

You’ll develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product sold by a company of your choice. The marketing plan will consist of a written report based on the template provided in the syllabus.


The marketing plan will be comprised of three separate phases (5-7 pages each):

  1. Situation Analysis and SWOT Analysis (including the SWOT Matrix) – To be submitted this week
  2. Marketing Strategies (preceded by goals and objectives)
  3. Final Plan- Including Phase I, Phase II and Implementation and Control (containing implementation schedule and timeline) as well as Executive Summary.


All written assignments should be neatly typed, well organized (use a cover page and a table of contents for each submission), visually appealing, legible, and free of all errors in grammar and spelling. The instructor looks for organization, understanding, originality, depth of coverage, and clarity of exposition.




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