Simulation of Radioactive Decay

Carry out a simulation of radioactive decay and analyse the results to show an exponential decay.

Simulation of Radioactive Decay
In this section, you are to carry out the experiment using the instructions below. You will need to keep the data from this experiment to enable you to complete the assignment for this unit.

Radioactive decay simulation experiment using dice.

Access to the Dice Roller internet site: (Click here)

OR you could go low tech in which case you need: 100 dice, 1 plastic container, 1 tray

Radioactive decay can be simulated by the process of throwing 100 dice into a tray. In this process, each die represents a radioactive nucleus and if the number turning up is ‘1’, it is decayed.

For radioactive nuclei, the number of nuclei not decayed, (N) after time (t) is given by the equation: N= N0e-lt Where N0 is the number of initial nuclei and gamma is the decay constant.

ln N = ln N0 gamma t

ln N = 2.203log10 N

Therefore, Log10 N= log10N0 –(gamma t/2.303)

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