Signs Preceding The End of The World

Purpose: To evaluate Yuri Herrera’s literary style against the political backdrop of world literature and border writing

Skills/knowledge practiced: Textual analysis; close reading; writing with citations; use of textual evidence; developing argument; analysis of narrative techniques; genre analysis; following proper MLA formatting guidelines; paraphrasing quotes

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Signs Preceding The End of The World
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Submission instructions: Please submit your 250-350 word response as a Word doc



Grades will be based on the completeness of your submission (including textual quotes + sufficient word count length) as well as proper grammar/spelling and the depth of your critical analysis. Four points total:

    • 1 pt. for proper citation use;
    • 1 pt. for sufficient length;
    • 1 pt. for sufficient depth of content/engagement;
    • 1 pt. for proper assignment formatting.

Assignments should be formatted as follows: 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced with header, page numbers, Times New Roman font, Word Count listed, Works Cited page on separate page, submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF. This may seem like a lot but it is the golden standard for document preparation, and if properly followed will make your writing immediately more consistent and easier to read. See the following for an example: MLA Citation Template and Example

Option 1: Discuss the ethical implications of Makina’s border crossing from Mexico to the United States, commenting on how her actions intersect with issues of legality, integrity, and/or individual purpose in trying to find her brother to bring him home.

Option 2: Chapter 5 begins with Makina considering the linguistic versatility in other immigrants. Select a single sentence to analyze and try to parse how Makina feels about the phenomenon, and frame it in terms of the underlying meaning Herrera is trying to convey in representing Makina this way.

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