Signaling Theory

Final Project
The Final Project is a major research paper of 8-10 pages using 12 point Times New Roman Font. APA requirements should be followed for all parts of the paper. It is recommended that you use the Purdue Owl website for APA requirements (see the Supplemental Information below). A minimum of ten quality sources obtained from library databases or books from Smiley library or through inter library loan must be used, properly cited in the text of the paper, and listed on a works cited page at the end of the paper. In general, do not use web-based resources without checking with your instructor for approval.

The student will choose one of the major theories discussed in the textbook, then perform a thorough literature review of the chosen theory. It should also include an application section where you discuss how the theory can be a significant application to your life and those with whom you are closest (e.g. friends, family, and partners.).

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Signaling Theory
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