Short Answer Question

Short Answer Question

Do an independently guided tour of news and media coverage of the monolith found in Utah. Consult a range of news and social media sources to construct a timeline, but, more importantly, to track and analyze the different audiences and forms of interest in this object. Be sure to do a search on whatever social media you typically use, and, try to depart from major news media outlets in your search. Summarize your findings, highlighting details that you find especially telling or interesting.

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Short Answer Question
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In a thoughtful way, compare the monolith to at least one other artwork from this class (or, learn about John McCracken and compare to his work). Think about materials, placement, time period, intent (for the work we discussed). Be as specific as you can.

Finally, why do you think this work captured worldwide attention? What do you think people found interesting? What do you make of the current outcome of the work? If you had an opportunity to see the object would you? If you had the ability to remove it, would you?

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