Shigella Shigellosis

Shigella Shigellosis is a very contagious diarrheal disease caused by bacteria called Shigella. Shigella causes about 500,000 cases of diarrhea in the United States annually. Symptoms of the Shigella infection typically start one to two days after exposure and include:

 Diarrhea (sometimes bloody)

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Shigella Shigellosis
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 Fever

 Abdominal pain

 A painful sensation of needing to pass stools even when bowels are empty Shigella spreads when people put something in their mouths or swallow something that has come into contact with stool of a person infected with Shigella. Exclusion is required for all diapered children whose stool is not contained in the diaper and toilet-trained children if the diarrhea is causing soiled clothing. Re-admission after diarrhea can occur when diapered children have their stool contained by the diaper (even if the stools remain loose) and when toilet-trained children are continent.66