Shared Governance

For the purposes of this scenario – please consider you are a current nursing director in a hospital settings.
You are a nursing director in your current employment setting and a strong believer in employee empowerment. Several years ago, a shared governance model was implemented in your organization but it has failed to engage the staff. You decide to do an assessment of your two units using the Professional Nurse Governance Survey you are shocked to find that staff have answered most questions with either a 1 (decisions are made by nursing management only) or 2 (with some staff input). You then visit the Shared Governance Forum (Links to an external site. and read attached PowerPoint for strategies on what to do next.
Discussion Questions Use each questions as subheadings
1. Would these results from the scenario be surprising in your organization? If not, why?
2. What would your first action be in your organization?
3. What stakeholders need to be involved in your action plan in your organization?
4. What strategies would you consider implementing?
5. How would you measure success in your organization?

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Shared Governance
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