Shakespeare Sonnet

Shakespeare Sonnet 10 A Sonnet Response paper expressing your interpretation and reaction to it. I am most interested in having you “figure out” the sonnets on your own. Pay close attention to rhyme, word meaning, double meanings, word play and puns; but especially look at imagery and metaphor. The Responses must be at least 700 words (double-spaced, typed), but be sure to write enough to develop a good interpretation and reaction. Interpretation & Analysis of Sonnet Works extensively with individual words, phrases, lines, and images and analyzes metaphors, personifications, puns, figures of speech, rhyme, rhythm, or other aspects of the Language of the sonnetDevelops an interpretation of the sonnet that touches on larger issues of Theme, Mood, and/or Context, without engaging in simple Paraphrasing Personal Response: Connects the sonnet to a personal aspect, experience, or moodMakes a clear case for why the sonnet was selected

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Shakespeare Sonnet
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