Service Guarantees and Service Recovery Covid-19 Circumstances Discussion

Service guarantees and service recovery are two powerful tools to acquire customers and ‘retain’ customers. Both of these are in widespread use across categories of services. This was put to test very strongly in the context of Covid-19.

From your understanding and experience (as also secondary research that you may want to do) how does the business of education (take the example of University of Ottawa) stack up in these aspects in the context of Covid-19? Are there performance guarantees at University of Ottawa and how did it work in Covid-19 circumstances? Are service recovery tools/procedures at University of Ottawa in operation and working in Covid-19 times?

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Service Guarantees and Service Recovery Covid-19 Circumstances Discussion
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You can take any of above questions to start your thread.

It will be good to see an HBR Article/Link.

The Profitable Art of Service Recovery
by Christopher W. Hart, James L. Heskett, and W. Earl Sasser, Jr

This is a discussion question and I will give the power point relation to this question, You can do this by combining the links provided above with the power point

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