1. Review the document “Final Paper Topics – Sociology”
2. Decide what you are going to write about and complete the assignment “Final Paper Proposal”
in Canvas. Please upload a Word or similar document.
a. The proposal should be one or two paragraphs.
b. If you are choosing to write about two articles from the “Articles for Final Paper” module,
specify which articles and why you selected them.
c. If you are writing about a book or film, tell me which one and why you selected it.
d. Submit the proposal BY THE DUE DATE
e. The proposal is worth 25 points of the 125 point total for the final paper.
3. The final paper should be at least three pages long (not including the bibliography), include at
least two references beyond the articles, book, or film. (By “at least”, I mean you have
completed three pages and are at least into a fourth page of text). The references can be a
simple as an internet search for an updated statistic or fact – but include it in the bibliography
a. The articles/books/film you chose and the two (or more) additional references you used
must be listed in a bibliography.
b. If you quote directly from the source, be sure to cite the source properly in the body of
the paper. Use MLA, APA, or the “Chicago Style” format of the ASA (see the “Citation of
Sources” document for details).
c. The bibliography does NOT count as part of the three- page minimum.
4. Use a standard font like Arial, Verdana, Calibri, or Times New Roman, no larger than12 point
Double-space and spell-check the paper.
5. Submit it on or before the due date in Canvas using the Turnitin tool.
a. The grading rubric will be attached in Turnitin
Please…write the paper in your own words. If you copy and paste from online sources or
other student’s work, TURNITIN will catch it. Resist the temptation to take a shortcut. Just
communicate something about what your read/watched to me. I am not teaching a writing
class, I just want to see that you have engaged with the material and have something to say.
Don’t be intimidated if you are not confident in your writing skills – think of this a practice.
I will not deduct points for grammar, but I expect it to be spell-checked, which is usually
automatic in most programs. Neither will I deduct points for problems with sentence or
paragraph construction. Just meet these main criteria, and you can expect full credit:
 It is written in your own words
 It is double-spaced and spellchecked
 There is at least 3 pages of text
 There is a bibliography, with citations for the articles and two other references
 Any quotations in the paper are identified as such- see the “Guide to Citations”
document for guidance
 It is written about what I put in my proposal
 It is submitted on time
Exceptionally well written and insightful papers can earn bonus points, so it is worth your
time to make the effort.
Grading criteria:
 Less than 3 full pages of text, not counting bibliography: -10 points
 Not spell-checked : -5 points
 Not double-spaced: -5 points
 No bibliography: -25 points
 Quotations with quote marks, but no identification of the source: -40 points
 Turnitin software identifies plagiarism, and I confirm it independently: -100 points
Late submissions:
 Up to 24 hours late: No penalty
 24-48 hours late: 25 point penalty
 48-72 hours late: 75 point penalty
 More than 72 hours (3 days) late: NO CREDIT

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