Sepsis Case Study in the adult population

After you have reviewed the resources on sepsis you will complete a case study and write-up.
Reference the scoring guide [DOCX] for grading details.
Respond to the following based on the case study. The answer to the question must tie back to the case study:
Question One: What is Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome (MODS)? How does this link to the QSOFA tool?
Question Two: Why is the Passive Leg Raise used in clinical practice with sepsis? (Adult)
Question Three: Examine the antiviral and antibiotic treatments are they aligned with the current recommendations?

Create a document using Microsoft Word with the following formatting guidelines:
12 point, Times New Roman font
1-inch margins
Title page
Reference page
The minimum word count of 500 per question (1500 total)
APA formatting
Minimum of five sources: one must be from the readings provided and one must be the International Sepsis Guideline.
References must be from the last four years. (2016-2020) If a website is used it may not be Mayo Clinic or Web MD. Website resources that are not peer-reviewed are not scholarly.

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Sepsis Case Study in the adult population
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