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i need you to follow 20 nouns about my self introduction, Self-Identity
Part One: List of Nouns about Myself
1. Man
2. Boyfriend
3. Son
4. Meat lover
5. Student
6. Game lover
7. Brother
8. Sport player
9. Driver
10. Poker player
11. Dog lover
12. Chinese citizen
13. Cooker
14. Graduate
15. Dancer
16. Singer
17. Movie lover
18. Apple product
19. Tall
20. Fat

you need to use the nouns (not necessary all of them) to answer the the following questions.

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For TWO of your roles and relationships:
• What records do you need to make or keep of the activities associated with them?
• Why you need to make or keep such records.
• How long you need to keep the records.
• Why you need to keep them for the periods of time you have specified, eg with reference to
• issues of competencies (your capacity/authority to act in a particular role) and related rights, obligations, and responsibilities
• the need to continue to function effectively in a particular role
• fundamental needs relating to a sense of self, of identity, a place in the world.
• Whether other people might be interested in such records, eg biographers, archivists, and why.

you have to use references or made references from the following links and key readings
• McKemmish, S. (1996). Evidence of Me. Archives and Manuscripts, 24(1), 28–45.

Note that this article can be accessed:

• On the Faculty of Information Technology website:
• Or on the Records Continuum Research Group website:
• Or in Archives and Manuscripts available through Monash Library

you have to choose reference from those three links!!!!remember!!

i will also upload the specification about this only need to do part 2! but you need read all the specification word by word!