Self-Feeding As children grow older, they enjoy taking care of themselves, which includes self-feeding. During this phase, it is important to offer children foods that they can handle on their own and that helps them avoid choking and other hazards. Examples include fresh fruits that have been sliced into pieces, orange or grapefruit sections, peas or potatoes that have been mashed for safety, a cup of yogurt, and whole-grain bread or bagels cut into pieces. Even with careful preparation and training, the learning process can be messy. As a result, parents and other caregivers can help children learn how to feed themselves by providing the following:

 small utensils that fit a young child’s hand

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 small cups that will not tip over easily

 plates with edges to prevent food from falling off

 small servings on a plate

 highchairs, booster seats, or small enclosed chairs to reach a low table