Self-Driven Cars

Self-driving cars are revolutionizing transportation.

The cars are equipped with many ultrasound sensors, cameras, precision GPSs, and computers.

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Self-Driven Cars
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The combination of the on-board equipment allows the computers to identify, other cars, lanes, pedestrians, and obstructions.

This information allows the car to stay in its lane, stop when required, and weave around obstructions.

Some of the manufacturers in the “autonomous car” market are Tesla Motors, General Motors, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz.

Corporations such as Waymo, Google’s sibling, and Uber are also designing and testing the technology.

The road to complete autonomy using this technology is complicated.

There have been many high-profile crashes and some serious accidents involving self-driving cars.

Some states within the USA have already approved limited use of self-driving cars but researchers believe it will be a few years before the technology becomes mainstream.

Once the technology is proven, what is next? Self-driving trucks? Airplanes? Trains?