Self-Concept Evaluation

The purpose of this activity is to help students understand self-concept as well as to evaluate their own self-concepts.


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Self-Concept Evaluation
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  • Check the attribute from each pair that best describes you.
  • After completing the self-evaluation, answer the questions that follow it.



Self-Concept Evaluation


Are you generally

1_____relaxed or _____ anxious?

2_____in good shape or _____ poor shape?

3_____adventurous or _____ conservative?

4_____trim or _____ overweight?

5_____ hardworking or _____ lazy?

6_____ambitious or _____ aimless?

7_____strong or _____ weak?

8_____physically attractive or _____ unattractive?

9_____persistent or _____ not persistent?

10_____extroverted or _____ introverted?

11_____self-confident or _____ insecure?

12_____a leader or _____ a follower?



Answers to the following questions should be either typed or neatly written on a separate sheet and attached to the lab report.

  1. Are there areas of your self-concept that you would like to improve? Make a list.
  2. Suggest personal strategies for improving two self-concept areas that you identified in the first question.





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