Selection and Administration

CMHCs utilize educational, psychological, diagnostic, and career assessment instruments (herein referenced as “tests”), interviews, and other assessment techniques and diagnostic tools in the counseling process for the purpose of determining the client’s particular needs.

a. CMHCs choose assessment methods that are reliable, valid, and appropriate based on their client’s age, gender, race, ability status, etc. If tests must be used in the absence of information regarding the aforementioned factors, the limitations of generalizability should be duly noted.

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 Selection and Administration
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b. In selecting assessment tools, CMHCs justify the logic of their choices in relation to the client’s needs and the clinical context in which the assessment occurs.

c. CMHCs avoid using outdated or obsolete tests and remain current regarding test publications and revisions.

d. CMHCs use assessments only in the context of professional, academic, or training relationships.

e. CMHCs provide the client with appropriate information regarding the reason for the assessment and to whom the report will be distributed.

f. CMHCs provide an appropriate assessment environment.