Security related pieces of legislation

1)Using the incident response information we covered in class as a guideline, what SIRT team members would you expect to participate in an incident involving a suspected network attack originating from China? Explain why these team members would participate and what you’d expect them to do? (One Page)

2)Research and discuss two security related pieces of legislation (two Pages in Total)

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Security related pieces of legislation
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3)There are many firewall configurations. Write a two to three paragraph explanation of how each of the following works; 1) screening router, 2) dual-homed host, and 3 screened host (1 Page for EACH of the Three)

4)Explain, in your own words, what a proxy servers is and what a bastion host is are how they are used. (1Page)

5)Explain what a web application firewall is. (1 Page)

total pages 8

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