Security Policies

Part I: 4-5 pages
Discuss about the security and privacy of the software and hardware solution for Verbania. Consider the overall solution (hardware and software) relative to security. Be sure to articulate reasons for specific choices. Include in your document explanation about the relationship between the IT security policy and the chosen security mechanisms for your overall solution. Provide best security practices and guidelines to implement and follow, as well as the creation of formal security policies and a security plan. Include the following policies in your IT security policy:

Disaster recovery
Password creation and protection
Remote access
Routers and switches security
Wireless communication
Server security
Acceptable encryption

Part II: 3-4 paragraphs

Every so often, a large company, a government organization, a news agency, or a financial institution falls victim to a security breach. This leaves valuable data compromised. Identify 1 organization that was recently (with in the last three years) hacked. Share a summary of an incident. Identify and analyze how the organization reacted, and discuss what was done to rectify and mitigate the situation.

Answer the following questions:

What were the implications of this security breach from both the user and company perspective?
Based on your analysis, what are some lessons learned from this incident?
In your opinion, would a similar incident be likely to happen again (to this organization) in the future?
Share any insights you may have had when communicating with Network Specialists.

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