Secondary Research Paper

The secondary research paper provides students with the opportunity to research and write an original paper on a topic related to one of the industry case studies covered in the course: textiles, motors, banking and finance, transport, steel and chemicals. Students are required to choose one of these sectors, and then to engage in a research exercise addressing either a policy, investment or economic/business history aspect of their chosen industry. This exercise will enable students to formulate a research question, conduct a literature review related to that question, and write an original paper answering their chosen question. The paper should be written in a format where the student introduces their research question, and then applies a thorough analysis of their literature review of secondary sources to answer that question. Students should use the secondary literature to help to develop their response to their chosen question, and to provide evidence to support their arguments and conclusions. There is no requirement to include primary sources, though students may do so if they find ones which they consider useful.

This new assessed project brings several benefits to students. Students will develop improved research skills critical not only for their third-year dissertations in EH390 (for students undertaking a degree in Economic History, of course), but also in their future employment. Students will also be assessed in a format other than an exam for a material portion of their total assessment (30%). Lastly, students will have a new opportunity to further their understanding of one of the key industries studied in EH240, and to do so answering a question of their own choice.

The maximum length is 3,000 words and the project should be submitted on Moodle in Week 11 of Lent Term. No hard copy needed.