Searching For a String or Part Of a String In An Investigation

Directions:  Follow the download step and then fully answer each of the questions.

First:  Download the enclosed image. Using a search tool, locate the enclosed list of words in the image.

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Searching For a String or Part Of a String In An Investigation
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After doing the above, answer/do the following questions/prompts:

  • Record the offset or screen shot of their location and place them in a document.


  1. Identify and discuss three examples of how searching for a string or part of a string can be valuable in an investigation?
  2. Describe a strategy for searching a device with only part of a person’s name. In describing the strategy, address what you would look for and why and how you would search if the partial name was found on a deleted document. Also discuss two pros and two cons of this strategy.
  3. Discuss the particularity requirement of the fourth amendment and its application to computer searches. Specifically, assuming that a person who is subject to the search and seizure of their computer as a reasonable expectation of privacy in the contents of the computer (therefore requiring a warrant), how should the particularity requirement be applied to computer searches?
  4. Describe why establishing a baseline in memory forensics is important; and equally, describe how rogue processes are identified and why is it important to understand them.


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