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Seafood Watch

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What type of fish it is Where the fish was caught How it was caught (trawl, hook and line, long line, jig, trap, etc)Consider the following discussion prompts: How much information about the origin of the fish was provided on the packaging?Were you able to find out the information above for any of the seafood you looked at, in order to look them up on the Seafood Watch guide? Were you able to find fish that are listed as a ?best choice? for your region? Were you able to find any fish that are fished or farmed locally?Do you think that knowing about the environmental impacts of the food you eat will change what you purchase at the store?Post a picture of your fish and/or label with your response.Find an article/podcast/video about your fish (or fisheries more broadly), and analyze it in the usual fashion.InstructionsYour discussion posts must include the following:Response to the above discussion promptsEnthusiasm: what you think is valuable from the cited material and whyCritical evaluation of the author and/or publisher of the cited material: What is the author?s background and/or expertise? What is the mission and vision of the organization and/or its underlying values? What is the purpose of the article? What biases do you think the author/publisher may have?Skepticism: What aspects of the issue/topic did the writers neglect, misunderstand, misrepresent, or willfully ignore? What about their argument confused you?Note: Being skeptical doesn’t mean saying that the author is wrong (although that can be the case at times). Being skeptical can also mean thinking about possible counterarguments, dimensions of the problem that were not discussed in the article, stakeholders that were not represented, etc. Try to identify the purpose and scope of the video or article, and then think about what lies outside that scope that is also relevant. One reason I ask about author bias is that identifying the author’s potential biases can help guide your thinking about what to be skeptical of…Reference citations including author/publisher, year, title, and URL

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Seafood Watch Paper
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