Seacology, an environmental nonprofit

Read the case study of Seacology, an environmental nonprofit, in the course e-reserves.

Address these topics in a 3-5 page analysis of the case study:

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Seacology, an environmental nonprofit
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  • Seacology was founded relatively recently in response to a problem identified by its founder. The project addressed the problem in one island community and then expanded to others. How does this compare with the founding and expansion of some of the long-established nonprofit organizations we have considered so far?
  • How did Seacology adjust its organizational set-up to address succession concerns?
  • How do Seacology’s organization and management compare to other international nonprofits considered in our readings? Include any information you can find about the organization from its Form 990s or other filings.
  • Is Seacology an emergency or an alchemical organization? Explain your answer. How does Seacology’s mission resemble or differ from the missions of other nonprofits we have studied?

Include the case study and at least 3 other references in your resources.

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