Scientific Racism

Drawing on the reading in Jackson & Weidman chs. 2-3

submit a 200-250 word response to the following prompt.

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Scientific Racism
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PROMPT: We have examined several scientific accounts of the origin of human racial differences: environmentalist monogenism, non-environmentalist monogenism (Pritchard and Lawrence), polygenism, Lamarckian evolution, and Darwinian evolution. Which of these scientific understandings of race are most dangerous in terms of the support they would led to racism and which are the least dangerous, and why?

Note that you must upload a word processor document to the submission page for CA-1 in the Dropbox area of our D2L site. That can be any format but PDF or Pages. Upload a document, not a link to Googledocs or any other online system.

Also, include your name and course number and section in the document, and make your last name the first part of the digital title of the document.

Requirements: 200-250 words

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