Science 2-3_Earth_Science

Learning Goal: I’m working on a earth and space exploration project and need guidance to help me learn.

Start a document and save it as “Science 2-3_Earth_science” Once you have completed all learning activities, click on the “Assignment” button and upload your work.

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Science 2-3_Earth_Science
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Part 1

Write short answers to the following:

  1. Research and provide a list of 5 comets, include dates when last observed, and one interesting fact about each one.
  2. Halley’s Comet passes by earth approximately every 76 years. If its last visit was 1986, name the next three dates it will be seen by people on earth.
  3. What are “sungrazers”? Why is this a good, descriptive name to use?

Part 2

Write an essay on why people feared comets in the past. Describe how they tried to protect themselves from the danger they thought was coming.

Minimum Word Count: 800 words.