School of Psychology

1. What is meant by a school of psychology?

2. Why was the school of psychology created by Wundt called voluntarism?

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School of Psychology
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3. Discuss Wundt’s use of introspection.

4. For Wundt, what were the elements of thought, and what were their attributes? Include in your answer a discussion of Wundt’s tridimensional theory of feeling.

5. How did Wundt distinguish between psychological and physical causation?

6. What did Wundt mean when he said that volitional acts are creative but not free?

7. Define the terms sensation, perception, apperception, and creative synthesis as they were used in Wundt’s theory.

8. Summarize how Wundt used reaction time in an effort to determine how long it took to perform various mental operations. Why did Wundt abandon his reaction-time research?

9. Why did Wundt think it necessary to write his Völkerpsychologie? What approach to the study of humans did it exemplify?

10. For Titchener, what were the goals of psychology? What did Titchener believe would be the ultimate “why” of psychology?


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