Scholarship Renewal Appeal

Scholarship Renewal Appeal We understand that circumstances arise in college that may temporarily impact your academic performance. Our hope is to be able to assist you throughout your college career and support you through to graduation. If you are currently not meeting the GPA requirement for your scholarship (or anticipate that you will not be by the end of the quarter or semester) there is a way for you to make an appeal, so you may continue to receive your scholarship. If you would like to still be considered for receiving a scholarship, please provide an appeal letter that explains any special circumstances that may have affected your academic performance as well as what steps you are taking to improve your performance. In addition to those two items, please also explain your intended academic schedule for the upcoming semester or term. All information and documentation submitted with this appeal will be kept strictly confidential. Regardless of your circumstances, it is important that you explain your particular situation and reflect on how to correct for any academic missteps or mitigate for personal obstacles, so you may earn your degree. Please follow the instructions outlined below to submit an appeal for your scholarship renewal. Instructions: 1) Compose and attach a typed appeal letter including the following information:

a) the circumstances which affected your ability to meet the minimum academic requirements;

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Scholarship Renewal Appeal
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b) the steps you are taking to change or address those circumstances (this may include using support services on campus or in the community such as counseling, health services, tutorial services, career counseling, meeting with a mentor etc.);