Sample Action Plan

Sample Action Plan


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Sample Action Plan
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You are now ready to finalize your career goal and create an Action Plan! An Action Plan is a sequence of steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed to accomplish a goal. If you think of your goal as a destination, your Action Plan provides you with the directions to get there! Please review the example below to help you create your Action Plan.


Action Plan
Purpose (Write your new purpose statement here.)

To serve others through the use of my talents and skills


(Write your career SMART goal here.)

Find a volunteering position within the next 6 months that allow me to help others in need.

Milestone 1 ( Identify a milestone (short -term goal) that you plan to accomplish along the way)

1. Spend at least 30 minutes searching online for a volunteering position for the next 2 weeks.

Identify the barriers (Identify any possible/anticipated barriers that might throw you off track. Consider how your personality and strengths can help you here)

  1. Not enough time to search, 2
  2. not finding in the area that I like,
  3.  not available opportunities where I would like to volunteer
Identify 1-2 Strategies to deal with barriers (Note: Consider how your personality and strengths can help you here.)

Example for Barrier 1:

●      Wake up 30 min earlier to conduct the search

●      Use the last 30 min before bed to conduct the search

Identify people who will be impacted and/or affected (Identify the person/people that may be impacted by this goal.)

  1. Friends
Identify a deadline (Identify the deadline you’ve set for yourself to complete the goal!) 

  1. By August of 2018