Same Sex Relationships and Marriages

In chapter 7, same sex relationships and marriages were discussed. Consider all the issues of being same-sex parents.

Same sex parents are a bit different in that there is a sense of egalitarian ideology that works. The work at home, finances, parenting, decision making are all shared. This is not the same as a traditional heterosexual family where the man may have a greater economic role to play while have less of the house work to handle. There are problems that may come as a result of being gay parents (same sex parents) specifically regarding acceptance from the society. Talks of say, lesbian parents having trouble raising a boy would make it a real issue with the argument that only a man would raise a real man. Gay and lesbian families might have concerns with regards to discrimination in parenting as well as custody arrangements. The gender identity status may be brought up during custody disputes. This can be quite an issue even in courts of law in identifying the parents and their claims.

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Same Sex Relationships and Marriages
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Same sex families might not be accepted by their extended families. This has a likelihood of causing psychological stress and trauma specifically to the children. There are increased cases of adopted children by gay and lesbian couples. This increases the problems associated with rearing non-biological children. Ethical issues are also raised when lesbians result to ART to get babies. While homosexual parents may find it hard explaining some aspects to healthcare professionals, school professionals and relatives, it gets harder to retain a family that’s not sanctioned by the society.