Safety considerations for hydrogen and hydrogen methane mixtures

In H2 production process:


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Safety considerations for hydrogen and hydrogen methane mixtures
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Depends on the location you choose, decide whether wind or solar but generally it’s better to use solar in land, if you choose offshore then wind is better.


  • Domestic Heating:


Supervisor agreed for the catalytic burner for H2 combustion for domestic heating.

You can use any software for design.

Theoretical design:

  1. Calculate the hydrogen flowrate that you need to heat a house depending on the external climate.
  2. How much h2 you need, which flowrate of h2 you need to burn.
  3. Design boiler based on that.



  • Industrial Heating:


Do same design and analysis for industrial heating.

  1. Assume a certain industrial process where you need a heating example distillation column.
  2. Assume how much hydrogen you need
  3. How much h2 you need
  4. Design boiler uses h2 and look at the safety of that boiler how work it safely.



  • Transportation of H2:


  1. Need to know whether to use the same natural gas pipeline network or need to change the pipe material (check the safest way/material).
  2. Look at the safety aspects of all possible ways then compare based of scientific bases which id best and this depending on the volume of hydrogen that you want to transport.
  3. Make sort of scenarios where using h2 for domestic and industrial including the amount of H2 need to be transported and hence decide which way is better for transport the required H2. (consequences analysis)


  • We need to do minimum changes to the industrial process where we only change the natural gas in boilers to H2. Choose a process uses natural gas and try to check what changes need to be done when shifting to H2. What is the safety issues associated with this change.


  • Do the exact same analysis for using natural gas, H2 and mixture because transition to H2 will require to study old natural gas, and mixing phase then all H2.



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