Students are required to provide:

  • An analysis of the quality of evidence and key practice issues contained in the Anderson-Thorn family evidence bundle.
  • Part a) From the bundle, analyse the quality of evidence and key practice issues in the Anderson-Thorn family evidence bundle. (approx 1500 words).
  • To be written in 3rd person.
  • Part b)  Reflect on learning derived from preparing / presenting evidence in the simulated court context, learning derived from writing the assignment and on any additional learning you consider relevant. (approx 500 words). 
  • Can be written in 1st person.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of core concepts in professional safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults: apply research to social work practice and link to SOP’s and PCF frameworks.
  2. Utilise social work skills, knowledge and values to address complex care and control dilemmas.
  3. Problem solve effectively in complex intra-professional, inter-professional and inter agency settings.


Part A of the essay provides you with the opportunity to examine the nature of the evidence and the professional practice contained in the bundle. It is also an opportunity to re-examine any decisions/ judgements contained in the bundle.

Choose and analyse relevant practice issues (to meet the learning outcomes) from the discussions we have had in the teaching sessions (PLEASE SEE DOCUMENT ATTACHED FOR A REMINDER) in relation to the decisions/ judgements made by the Local Authority.  It is also necessary to apply research and evidence in the practice issues you have focused on and comment on best practice.

It is up to you how many practice issues you write about in your essay – but remember to choose ones which you think meet the learning outcomes better and that depth is better than breadth!


In part B of the essay, think about your learning in terms of preparing for the court simulation exercise (the preparation you did in the teaching sessions and that you did independently) and the court simulation exercise itself.

Consider your feedback from the judge (and others) and comment on what you learnt about yourself and what you might do differently next time? What knowledge and skills do you need to develop?