Safe administration of medications

Medication administration is one of the most frequent nursing clinical practice activities. The
safe administration of medication contributes to the quality of patient care. Medication errors
can occur during the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medications.
Understanding the factors involved in the regulation of medications, pharmacology and error
producing conditions, is an important way nurses can contribute to the reduction of
medication errors.
The aim of this assessment is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of:
1. The regulation of medications in Australia;
2. The principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics;
3. The roles and responsibilities of healthcare professionals involved in the medication
4. The factors that contribute to medication errors (and near-miss incidents), and
possible prevention strategies.
Course Learning Outcomes: 1, 2 & 3
• Provide a response to the 9 short answer questions below.
• Attach an assessment coversheet and upload an electronic file of your responses via the
1807NRS course site.
• Each answer must be correctly structured using academic writing conventions (correct
grammar, spelling, referencing, and sentence and paragraph structure). Due to the
limited word count, an introduction and conclusion for each question is not required.
• Word count: The word count for each question varies. The word count for the short
answer questions are outlined below. Word allocations cannot be transferred from one
question to another.
• Please refer to the Diploma of Healthcare-Griffith College Essay and Report Formatting
Guidelines available on the course site for information on formatting. For referencing,
please follow APA Referencing Guide 7
th Edition.
• In-text citations and reference list required. Using NO less than 5 separate source
documents which satisfy College requirements. Other elements:
• Use scholarly literature (digitized readings, research articles, relevant Government
reports, and textbooks) to support your responses to the questions. Government reports
and websites are also appropriate as a source of information.
• State your final word count (excluding your reference list) on the Assignment Coversheet.
• Submit your assignment online via the assessment submission point as per
the instructions on your course site.

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Safe administration of medications
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