Rules not Met

THERAPIST: If you’re flexible, you’ll lose control. Now do you believe that?


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Rules not Met
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THERAPIST: Do you believe it partially?

DENISE: No. In fact, I’m more likely to lose control of any possibility of getting what I want if I’m so inflexible. It’s like I lose sight of the importance of the relationship when I get so stuck on thinking that I have to be in control and that the other person has to do it my way.

THERAPIST: OK, so right now, how much do you believe that?

DENISE: Completely.



THERAPIST: You are sure 100%, not 90 or 80%?

DENISE: No, 100%.

For the remainder of Session 3, Denise and the therapist reviewed other instances in which she noticed that her standards were not flexible and felt the urge to be punitive when her rules were not met. The session ended with a summary of the main issues raised in the first three sessions.