Routinization Occurs

Routinization occurs, meaning the initial habit persists and is adopted by multiple individuals. For example, several weeks has passed and you and your friends have continued to eat lunch with each other outside, sitting 6 feet apart. Moreover, several of your friends from high school mentioned they also have started eating with friends outside and sitting 6 feet apart.

Application papers are designed to assess your understanding of a theory covered in class and your ability to apply the theory to your lived experiences. For this first paper, you will apply a theory you learned in class to your own experiences or observations. Ask yourself, how do you see theories operating in the real world? How can a specific theory help you make sense of an interaction, interpret the actions of others, and/or illuminate a social, interpersonal or organizational situation?gaging in routinization because your initial habit has continued, and others have now adopted the interaction.

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Routinization Occurs
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Make up a situation of routiniztion. Cite from interplay chapter 5 Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication, 14th Edition (