Role of Registered Nurses in Collaborative Teams

The RN play important roles in care management of chronic conditions, such as coordinating care, assessing the patient’s knowledge level of the disease process, making referral, and advocate for patient needs (Lin et al, 2012). These roles are applicable to Luigi’s case.

The registered will nurse coordinate multidisciplinary team in the management of Luigi’s chronic condition. Leading the interdisciplinary team in managing Luigi’s condition, the RN shares information with the team, identifies opportunities and resources for improving the care.  The nurse also ensures that Luigi has access to appropriate intervention or service within a reasonable timeframe (Chang & Johnson, 2014). The coordinating nurse brings together a rich experience, skills, and knowledge in the intervention planning to manage the concerns stemming from the patient and family. To provide patient-centered care, the registered nurse serves successfully within inter-professional and nursing teams, promoting open communication, shared decision making and mutual respect (Laughlin, & Beisel, 2010).

The nurse is also involved in patient assessment in order to establish goals and create care plans. The nurse assesses Luigi’s personal experience and knowledge of the disease process for the purposes of planning. Registered nurses are the first health professionals to assess the health status of the patient. They intervene when clients experiences adverse events. The assessment by nurses in charge of multidisciplinary program has been found to bear significant clinical influence on clients with long term conditions (Chang & Johnson, 2014).

Another role of the nurse is to provide the educational element of the intervention. They provide patient education, as well as support the patient in self-management to attain treatment goals (Schoenly & Knox, 2013).  This involves educating Luigi how to deal with the practical and emotional aspects of the chronic condition.

The RN also can provide social support to the patient/family as far as self-management is concerned. Luigi and his patient need emotional and psychological support to accept their reality of……

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