Rogerian Argument

GENERAL DESCRIPTION For this assignment, you will construct an argument using the Rogerian method. A Rogerian argument requires you to (1) find common ground between you and your opposition; (2) restate the opposition’s idea; and (3) identify the parts of the opposing solution that you could incorporate into your own. You will only need to recognize the other side of the argument in 1-2 paragraphs directly before the conclusion paragraph of your essay. Remember that an argument is more than your opinion. It’s an informed position that is expressed in a thesis statement and supported by evidence acquired from outside research. This paper will be 4 ½ – 5 pages (not counting the works cited page) and will require research. Please use five (5) sources and be sure that two (2) are scholarly. Please format your paper according to MLA guidelines. Your audience will be your peers and me. The purpose of the paper is to help you: • analyze and investigate ideas and to present them in well-structured prose appropriate to the purpose and audience. • understand and apply rhetorical principles of argument to improve the persuasiveness of your writing. • develop your ability to locate, evaluate, use, and document information to support your thinking and writing.

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