Ritual and Ceremonial Objects

For this assignment we will take some time to explore cultures through their use of relics.

1. Please take some time to research ritual and ceremonial objects, such as masks, headdresses, kachinas, and kero cups (or other similar vessels) from Chapter 20: Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Select one object for each cultural region

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Ritual and Ceremonial Objects
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2.  For each object, describe and analyze the style, iconography, and function as well as discuss how it relates to the culture or regions in which it was produced.

Note: Your paper should be at least two full pages of writing. Your goal is to utilize at least ten or more terms including at least one critical theory from Chapter 5. This critique should be written all in your own words. You should not be using any word for word information found on websites or from the textbook without properly citing the source. Quotes should be limited to 1-2 sentences

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