Risk Assessment Table

Project Risk Assessment Template As Intuit, Inc. prepares to transition to cloud-based applications, the development team has foreseen potential issues and challenges that could negatively impact the project. Complete Parts 1 and 2 below to identify and assess at least 12 risks to the project.

Part 1: Risk Assessment Table

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Risk Assessment Table
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Use the table below to list 12 risks to the project, identify the risk level and likelihood of each, and provide mitigation strategies that would reduce the impact and likelihood of each event. There should be at least 5 high-level risks.

Note: Examples have been provided in the first 3 rows of the table. You may not use the provided examples.

Risk Level

• Low (L): minimal impact to finance and time to completion

• Medium (M): medium impact to finance and time to completion

• High (H): high impact that may jeopardize the success of the project

Likelihood of Event

• Certainty: 90–100% chance of happening

• Likely: 70–89% chance of happening

• Somewhat likely: 40–69% chance of happening

• Unlikely: 0–39% chance of happening

Risk Risk Level L/M/H Likelihood of Event Mitigation Strategy

Number of Interfaces to Existing Systems Affected

H: Over 3 Certainty Develop interface control document immediately

Narrow Knowledge Level of Users

M: Knowledgeable of user area only

Likely Assigned Project Manager(s) to assess global implications

Timeline Estimates Unrealistic

M: Timeline assumes no derailment

Somewhat likely Timeline reviewed monthly by three groups (Project Manager and Steering Committee) to prevent undetected timeline departures


Part 2: Risk Assessment Report

Provide a comprehensive description of each high-level risk, including a justification of your analysis and mitigation strategy.