Risk Analysis (or Impact Report)

(sample from another project.)



The Problem:


An electrician had been booked to arrive on Monday the 21st of August 2017 to start the electrical cabling (duration = 3 days). However due to double-booking at their end, no one arrived to do the work.


Luke Frazer (Sponsor) contacted the company and arranged for the work to start on Monday the 28th of August 2017.



Comment on Planning:


The risk control plan directly covered the possibility of the building modifications not being completed in time. Due to the risk mitigation actions that were taken, there has been no delay in completing the building modifications. However the specific electrical cabling was not directly addressed in the risk control plan.





The final solution was found to be that the electrician would be rescheduled for a date one week later than planned.


Because the rest of the building work has been completed we were able to commence the hardware unpacking and setup of individual items using an extension cord.





Overall the impact on the project time and cost was negligible. Due to the re-scheduled time of the electrician, the work will coincide with the planned receipt and initial setup of the hardware. The final testing of the hardware will need to be delayed, but should only be 1 day later, and it may be possible to make up that time by the end of the project.


The only direct cost is that associated with paying the electrician, estimated to be $800, but this will just be moved to the later time.  There will be no cost increase for the overall project.


Other Example Problems:


  1. At the time of preparing the proposal for your project, your supplier had asked you to assume delivery within 2 weeks of order placement. You had accordingly prepared your project schedule. Unfortunately due to some problems faced by the manufacturer in their factory, your supplier has just informed you that the delivery of your smart devices will be delayed by about 3 weeks. This means the delivery date for the smart devices will no longer be 2 weeks but 5 weeks from the date of order placement.


  1. In the current system, the invoicing clerk has been raising invoices manually based on the “time sheets” and “materials used dockets” submitted by the electricians and plumbers. The Chief Executive Officer of the company has just realised it is possible to generate invoices automatically as all the information required for it would be readily available in the proposed Service Request Processing System. This will not only reduce invoicing delays and eliminate errors but also provide the person doing the invoicing now more time to do additional value adding work. The Chief Executive Officer therefore wants the “automatic invoice generation” feature to be built into the new Service Request Processing System. This is an increase to the scope of the project.


  1. One of your Business Analyst who was earmarked to gather requirements for the Service Request Processing system has suddenly met with an accident and the doctor treating him has advised that he will not be in a position to resume work for the next 8 weeks. There is no one available within the organisation to immediately take his place and therefore you are forced to look for an equally competent contract staff as his replacement. The contract staff is expected to cost the project double the rate of your Business Analyst. Also it will take you a week to find this equally competent Business Analyst from today (16th May).


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