Richard Branson leadership trait


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Richard Branson leadership trait
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The question: select a leader of your choice. Identify the dominant trait of the leader. Discuss in full details your reason for selected traits. Relate your work to an established theory. Compare and contrast your decision. Identify the dominant style of the leader. Discuss in full detail your reasons for the selected style. Relate your work to an established theory. Compare and contrast your decision.
The essay is about Richard Branson situational-charismatic and transformational as well as trait leadership style by Using delegation, motivation, and social activities as well as innovation and new ideas. And it shows the reasons of his succeed such as he not afraid to fail and he like to try new things with risks.
The essay should Shows also some figures for his companies, comparing between the beginning of his business and 2014 or 2013 including revenues, assets, profits and number of companies. What the organization styles. The performance of his companies and employees.

Also, the essay should contains some of his word as citation.

The references should be considered:
Leadership, practice and perspectives, by Kevin ROE

• Pimping climate change: Richard Branson, global warming, and the performance of green capitalism
• Micro-social factors in the development of entrepreneurial giftedness: the case of Richard Branson

• I am not afraid, RICHARD BRANSON
• Charisma in Action:
The Transformational Abilities Of Virgin’s Richard Branson And ABB’s Percy Barnevik.

• Leader Success
Her e ar e my 12 top tips, by RICHARD BRANSON

Re-storying and visualizing the changing entrepreneurial identities of Bill Gates and Richard Branson by David Boje & Robert Smith