Revere Community needs and Assets

In this assignment, you will be asked to identify statistical data about Revere,Ma and Create tables using the statistical data you found.

Make sure to cite the original source. Then, in a paragraph or two, describe your findings.

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Revere Community needs and Assets
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Reflections: Please answer the following questions:
How do the quantitative and qualitative data you collected complement each other?
How do they contradict each other?
What do you see as the biggest strength(s) of this community?
How might members of this community, and this community overall, have benefited or been harmed by systems of oppression? (Give specific examples of, people with education vs no education, rent vs owing, English speaker vs people other languages, violence vs safety in this neighborhood)
What role(s) does your organization play within this community? What opportunities do you see for your organization to contribute to and engage further with this community?

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