Retirement Policy

Bounce Fitness is committed to fair, clearly stated and supportive relationships between the organisation

and its staff. This policy is designated by law as a Relevant Policy covering the employment of all staff,

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Retirement Policy
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in relation to all staff employed under an Australian Workplace Agreement that specifically refers to this


The retirement of an employee may be started by any staff member retiring and giving relevant notice.


Notice of retirement by the employee

Staff members wanting to retire are responsible for seeking independent financial / retirement advice.

They should also seek advice from Human Resources before finalising their retirement plans.

A staff member who wants to retire must submit a notice of their resignation in writing to their Centre

Manager or General Manager Human Resources.

The notice period must be in line with Bounce Fitness Termination Policy.

These notice periods are as follows:

Management – Not less than 4 weeks notice

General Staff – Not less than 2 weeks notice

If an employee does not give the required period of notice before terminating their employment, Bounce

Fitness has the right to withhold money due to the employee equal to the ordinary rate of pay for the

entire notice period.