Responsible and sustainable management of an ethical dilemma in an organisation

Task: (40% of the module mark)

A focused assessment (1,500 words) of the ethical risks and opportunities within a specific function or a specific type of product/ service development within a chosen company or organisation. The goal would be to offer a company consulting advice on how this function or product/ service can be sustainably and responsible managed. Students will have to draw on at least two other modules within the MBA to complete this assessment.

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Responsible and sustainable management of an ethical dilemma in an organisation
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For this assignment, you should ideally choose an example that is contemporary i.e. in news in past 2-3 months or work on an organisation with which you are familiar (e.g. employer). The easiest situation is picking a issue that you identified in assignment 1, as much of the base research has been covered. When completing the assignment, you could develop your recommendations from applying your evaluation framework developed in your earlier Task. You might also want to consider comparing strategies from your chosen firm with that of competitors.

(Demonstration of learning outcomes: c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l) – the document is attached for your reference, as it could help in knowing what to focus on throughout the essay.

The assignment should answer the following questions:


  1. Why is the issue chosen an ethical dilemma?
  2. What are the ethical risks of the current state of play through the lenses of Consequences? Through the lens of Duties? Through the lens of Rights? Through the lens of Values? Who are the stakeholders involved in this dilemma?
  3. What are the options in terms of decision and action? Using ethical reasoning based on consequences, duties, rights and values which one is the “better” solution from an ethical perspective? (Goodpaster CATSCAN)
  4. What could be the stakeholder “scripts” associated with the proposed change? How could this be “re-scripted”? What could change these scripts? (Giving Voice to Values -Mary Gentile)
  5. What needs to happen to change the situation (drawing on 2 or other modules)?



The style of this report is more of consultancy advice: i.e. “this is the problem, these are the options, and this is how to deal with it practically.” Ethical reasoning should be used to frame and justify your chosen plan of action.  Also, ethical implications of suggested changes should also be considered.

The structure should have an introduction, analysis/ main body and then a recommendation section.

Appendices can be used and are not included in the word count. Executive summaries, tables, diagrams and the reference section are not included in the word count. Please reference frameworks and data used in your report as per the first assignment.

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