Research Project -proposal plan -talent management

Scenario and activity

You are working as a Human resource consultant for a service industry consultancy company (please use one organisation of your choice). You have been approached by an organisation in the hospitality/travel and tourism sector to conduct research into a key area of the industry and have been provided with a theme (talent management in service industry) which will be the focus of the research. The organisation has left it to you to decide what specific topic would be appropriate to investigate related to the theme.  You have been told that before you get permission to conduct the research you must produce a Research proposal (to start with) for the owners of your selected organisation.

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Research Project -proposal plan -talent management
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Term 1 : Research proposal

  1. Produce a research proposal that clearly defines a research question or hypothesis, supported by a literature review.
  2. Examine appropriate research methods and conduct primary and secondary research

Your research proposal identifies the purpose of the research project with clear aim and objectives and justifies the chosen research methods in terms of the research question. You must include the following in your research proposal (template will be provided for this):

  • Clear aim for your research. (The aim needs to be a concise statement of intent).
  • A set of objectives (SMART) that enable you to achieve your aim.
  • Factors that contribute to the process of research project selection (Rationale).
  • A critical literature review of key references.
  • An appropriate plan and procedures (purpose, process and methods used for the topic selected) for the chosen research specification(gantt chart)
  • Completed ethics form – Discuss the ethical issues which will need to be considered and examine the research methods and approaches to be taken.
  • Undertake primary and secondary research after getting approval on your title from your supervisor.

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