Research Paper – Social Cognition and Theory of Mind

The final assignment is an 8- to 10-page (Times, 12-font, double-spaced) paper on one of the topics discussed in class (I picked Social Cognition and Theory of Mind). The goal of this paper will be to incorporate theory and empirical data by proposing your own developmental experiment. You will find an empirical article published recently (2017 – 2019) on one of the topics discussed in class and propose your own study to further the research endeavor. Ideally, students can use this paper as an opportunity to enrich their perspective on their own research or teaching interests. The final paper has four parts:


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Research Paper – Social Cognition and Theory of Mind
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1. A 2-3 page literature review of your topic, summarizing the experiments and arguments made in your chosen article as well as other relevant articles (3 to 5), and ending with the specific question you’d like to address and an explanation of its connection to the literature. The format should be APA style and comparable to the Introduction/Background of a journal article; 2. A 2-3 page description of your proposed experiment. The experiment should specify the population to be tested, the materials and procedure you will use, and the conditions you hope to test. The format should be comparable to the Methods/Procedures section of a journal article; 3. A 2-3 page discussion section. This section should discuss the conclusions you would draw if your hypothesized results were confirmed. It should also discuss alternative results and conclusions you might draw from those. Finally, it should anticipate possible objections to your approach and suggest areas for further study. The format and tone should be comparable to the Discussion and General Discussion sections of a journal article; 4. A reference section (APA style; not counted in 10-page limit).

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