Research Paper: Executive summary of proposed solution

The new CTO of M3 Credit Union (M3 or Credit Union) is going to present the President and Board of Directors (BOD) an analysis and illustration of gaps in the current architectures. To clarify the analysis, the CTO will feature diagrams in the presentation. Diagrams of current infrastructure are important because the illustration provides a lens into the reusable building blocks. This discussion and analysis will result in a recommendation of a cloud solution for the credit union. The CTO has asked you to join the team that will provide a recommendation to the President and BOD. Your first task is to identify the current infrastructure. Write a 1- to 2-page executive summary to provide your cloud solution recommendation to M3’s President and BOD. Include the following in your summary: An overview of the business problem, needs, and desired outcomes Diagram of the credit union’s current-state infrastructure from above An explanation of the cloud computing architecture for the company Why the recommended solution is beneficial to the credit union At least two references formatted according to APA guidelines

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