Report Study Guide Outline

In 1886, a Senate Select Committee on Interstate Commerce released a report, called the Cullom Report, named after Senator Cullom who chaired this Committee.  This study guide outline is foran excerpt of the Cullom Report (pp. 1-7, and 175-182), posted under Canvas.


Pages 1-7:

  • Why was this Senate Committee on Interstate Commerce created?
  • To what question did the Committee focus its attention?
  • What was the plan of work adopted by the Committee?
  • According to the Senate Committee, what was the general issue of public policy that was most prominent in Americans’ minds? What was the relationship of this question to railroads?
  • Why did the U.S. (federal) government initially decline to regulate railroads?
  • Why was the Committee revisiting the government policy of non-regulation?


Pages 175-182

  • What were the two propositions on which the Committee focused its attention during its investigation?
  • Why was the public demanding prompt action by Congress?
  • What reasons did the Committee give for believing that Congress must regulate interstate transportation?
    • Why was uniformity of national regulation necessary?
    • In the absence of Congressional legislation, what methods did railroads use to regulate commerce? What would likely happen if railroads continued to be unregulated?
  • What was the essence of the various complaints against railroads, leading the Senate Committee to consider a change in policy to regulate railroads?


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