“Renaissance Man”

“Renaissance Man”

Once you have viewed the movie, please answer the following questions:

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Please fill in answers on this attachment!


“Renaissance Man”

  1.  In an early part of the movie, a very young Mark Wahlberg is shown singing in the shower. What song was he singing?
  2. Select three of the major actors.  What type or types of power did each possess?  Was it successful?  Support your answer. Types of power: Legitimate, coercive, reward, expert, referent


  1.  Tell me what leadership traits Bill Rago (Danny DeVito), Sergeant Cass (Gregory Hines). and Captain Murdock (James Reman) exhibited in the movie. Did these traits lead to success?  Support your answer.


  1. Was Bill Rago (Danny DeVito) a charismatic leader? Use examples from the movie to support your answer.


  1. Select three characters from the movie and tell me what needs – according to Maslow’s Hierarchy – they are trying to satisfy.


6.Explain what – if any – psychological contracts existed in the minds of Bill Rago, Sergeant Cass, and your selection of one of the privates / students. Be sure to support your answers.

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