The output below is the result of investigating the predictive relationship between freshman year science scores and senior year science scores. Researchers wanted to see if they can predict senior year science scores from each student’s freshman year scores. Answer the following questions using the output below:


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· What is the correlation coefficient (r) for the relationship between senior and freshman year scores?

· Does freshman year science scores significantly predict senior year science scores?

· Write out the F statistical string associated with this relationship. [F( dfreg, dfres)= F value, p=________]

· Write out the line of best fit equation for this relationship (Y=bX+a, substituting the b & a with values from the table).

· If someone scored a 70 on their freshman year science test, based on the line of best fit, what would their predicted senior year score be?



Model Summary
Model R R Square Adjusted R Square Std. Error of the Estimate
1 .878a .771 .770 5.80149
a. Predictors: (Constant), freshman yr science score



Model Sum of Squares df Mean Square F Sig.
1 Regression 22478.445 1 22478.445 667.862 .000b
  Residual 6664.150 198 33.657    
  Total 29142.595 199      
a. Dependent Variable: senior yr science score
b. Predictors: (Constant), freshman yr science score



Model Unstandardized Coefficients Standardized Coefficients t Sig.
  B Std. Error Beta    
1 (Constant) -2.613 2.192   -1.192 .235
  freshman yr science score 1.073 .042 .878 25.843 .000
a. Dependent Variable: senior yr science score