Reforms In The Modern Education System

8 pages should be the length.

Introduction Paragraph

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Reforms In The Modern Education System
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A.Attention  Getter—Introduces the topic of the essay in an interesting way (perhaps  in its own stand-alone pre-introductory paragraph)

B.Background  Information—Introduces the topic you’re writing about—establish and  define all necessary language and lay out necessary history or context  the reader needs before entering your piece

C.Thesis  Statement—This is your argument, what you are trying to prove in your  essay. There is a math equation that can help to create a Thesis  EVERYTIME! (Topic + Opinion = Thesis Statement). Strive for clarity  here.

Body Paragraphs

A.Topic Sentence—Introduces the Main  Point of the paragraph (this is your logic that drives the argument—the  Main Point supports your Thesis Statement)

B.Further explain that Main Point

C.Introduce a piece of Scholarship that supports or illustrates that Main Point

D.Use a Quote/Paraphrase from the text to illustrate your Main Point in your Topic Sentence

E.Explain how this Quote/Paraphrase helps to prove your Main Point and your Thesis

F.Introduce  an additional source of Evidence (academic or popular) or perhaps a  personal example or observation (this can alternatively be where you  introduce a Counterargument)

G.Explain (this is Metacommentary)

H.Conclusion  sentence that either ties this paragraph together or links to the next  body paragraph if the idea needs to build or continue into an additional  paragraph

Conclusion Paragraph

A.Bring us back to your Attention Getter

B.Restate your Thesis Statement

C.Restate your Main Points or provide a “call to action”

D.Make  a “broad world connection”—Create an example that illustrates the main  point of your thesis statement in a creative and impressive way (the  truth of your argument is true not just in your paper, but out in the  world (leave the reader saying “WOW!”)

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